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The cycle path to discover North Garda villages.


Itinerary Arco Tenno via Fontanelle

Lets go for a bike ride along Lake Tenno! Why not indeed! This small yet irresistibly charming lake characterised b crystal clear waters is set in the lush greenery of a Trentino forest landscape. Did you know that at approximately 25 square kilometres, it is Trentino's sixth largest lake?

Arco Tenno

Let's set off by bike from Arco, Trentino, and head towards the municipality of Tenno for a day in an "orange flag" town located in the Trento province, one of Italy's most beautiful hamlets.

“Lake Tenno is a small yet charming lake of pure blue water set in the greenery of Trentino's forests. A joy for the eyes to behold, a veritable natural paradise which has formed over time, the result of a landslide which occurred in early Medieval times". Could we have chosen a more poetic description to inspire you to get on you bike and start pedalling?

The route we propose for your bike excursions will take you to Trentino's sixth largest lake, with a total surface area of 2.5 km. Lake Tenno is fit for swimming, a perfect oasis of tranquillity, with its crystal-clear waters and uncontaminated landscapes. Lake Tenno and the surrounding landscape are truly magical, as though taken straight from a children's fairytale.

The path around the lake is easily accessible by foot. There are also cycling routes on the eastern side, with numerous itineraries in the surrounding areas for biking enthusiasts on holiday.

tenno percoso

The Prabi car park in Arco di Trento is the meeting point for the bike excursion route. From here, go through Arco's historic centre onto Varignano, a small and quaint historic hamlet, up to the first challenging climb on this tour, leading you along cobbled, tarmacked and cement stretches.

Overall route altitude is relatively low, making it a suitable choice for most of the year. Don't be fooled however: the route is characterised by an impressive elevation difference of 588 metres, along a number of climbs which are all cyclable, albeit with a few technically demanding and extremely steep stretches. This steep asphalted stretch leads to the Padaro basin, where a short flat stretch is followed by another smaller yet constant climb.

After Mandrea you can admire panoramic views of the lake valley on your right, to the north. After the first rustic houses in San Giovanni you'll go past a charming church, just before the village's refuge which also serves refreshments. Proceed from Gom - Gorghi towards Prati, along the dirt path and in Marcarie turn left past the slopes of Mount Biaina, with a vast wood on one side and a lush green basin on the other. Upon reaching Gorghi, descend on your right through a thick wood and take the forest path immediately on your left which leads onto a paved road until Bondiga.

Proceed towards San Pietro Tenno via Treni. Keep to your left, ascend among meadows and rustic farmhouses, towards the asphalted descent which leads towards the hamlets Calvola and Canale, once more to your left. The path which leads to the lake starts from the historic centre and emerges from the alleyways of Canale di Tenno.

The municipality of Tenno was awarded Orange Flag status in the initiative's second edition, for the territory of the Trento province in 2007. The Orange Flag is a recognition of environmental quality awarded by Touring Club Italiano to small inner-land locations which distinguish themselves in virtue of the excellence of what they have to offer and the quality of hospitality.

Canale di Tenno is one of the most beautiful hamlets in Italy. Both recognitions promote and enhance its rich historic, artistic, cultural, environmental and traditional heritage, palpable in this quaint location.

At this point you'll probably want to head back to Arco because it's getting late. Return along the same route and we'll see you soon on another bike tour, this time along Lake Garda.

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