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Become a Velolake Ambassador, our reference partner in your territory!


The bike economy age has arrived! If sustainable mobility, sport and professionalism are cornerstone values of your business, then this is the model for you!


Velolake provides managerial support during the development phase of your local business and for start-up ventures in new territories, complete with technological support, analysis, key process design, marketing, as well as the development of sales, communication and events management.


Becoming a part of a specialised, multi-channel and customer-oriented network provides you with additional work opportunities in your territory. Stringent supplier selection will enable you to provide customers with an added value, plus you will never be alone.


Vertical training programmes for technical skills with top partners, horizontal training to bolster your transversal skills, because simply knowing your business is no longer enough!

Greater Success

Today the "prosumer" concept has triumphed as a model of success, based on one-to-one relations between parties and guaranteeing higher sales potential. Become a supplier and seller of unprecedented goods and services.

A winning professional network Our unity is your strength!

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