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Authorised Velolake repair garage

Being a mechanic is more than just filling a vacancy, it's a veritable profession of passion! If you're looking to excel in the technical part of your job and are committed to being number one, then you're the local partner we're looking for!

Boost opportunities available to your company by joining a network of professionals

With the rise of sustainable mobility and pedal assisted bikes, we are witnessing a significant transition in the concept of mechanics, grounded in mechantronics, where technology supports mechanics and is involved in maintenance as well as diagnostic processes for bikes.

Conserving your specialist and technical skills by embracing new opportunities, aligned with a continuously developing market, to benefit your company in the future...

Preparati al grande evento Velolake With the Cycle Care programme you can become an instructor of your profession… and use your skills to earn money!

Become a certified instructor to leverage and benefit even further from your knowledge. Take the test!!

Professionalism at the service of customers!


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