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A tour trough the valley and castle.


Torbole Cavedine via Massone

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“Let's meet in Torbole!”


torbole cavedine

"Because today's route will take us along cycling paths leading towards Cavedine, via Arco di Trento and Borgo di Massone. A day in which you'll enjoy one of Trentino's most attractive landscapes, with numerous surprises in store. Without a doubt this will be truly memorable biking holiday.

Piazza Goethe in Torbole is the designated meeting point for this itinerary which will take you along cycling paths on Lake Garda. From here head towards Arco di Trento along the cycle path which starts west of Torbole, at Linfano, where the Sarca river flows into the lake. Proceed along the lakeside by foot, until you reach the mouth of the Sarca, then cross the bridge. You'll find the cycle path on your right.

Almost the entire cycle path is protected. The only point at which you'll need to pay attention is along a short stretch near the water purifier and hydroelectric plant, where the path is open not only to cyclists but also to owners of neighbouring agricultural lands. Fancy a break? Before coming to the state road underpass and continuing your bike excursion, head straight and you'll come to Mecki, a bar and bike store. A cult location for two-wheel enthusiasts and anyone looking to enjoy a delicious toasted sandwich.

Get back on your bike and you'll come across the Sarca river once more on your right, which should lift your spirits as it will accompany you along the landscapes leading to Arco di Trento. The itinerary leads you along flat terrain, characterised by regular conformation, making it suitable for families looking to enjoy a spot of peaceful cycling. The cycle path ends at the car park located in the outdoor parking facility at the Arco sports field. It is certainly worth taking some time out from the itinerary to visit the beautiful town and its eponymous castle, perfect for an ice cream or coffee break.

Get back on your bike and take the uphill road which goes through Borgo di Massone, nestled on one of Italy's most famous cliffs. The entire route is tarmacked, making it suitable for all kinds of bikes, albeit not for every pair of legs: the climb is short but challenging. Upon arriving at the stunning chestnut wood, keep left and continue along the valley until you reach Drena, Here you'll find a Medieval Castle open to visitors, with a tower that offers views stretching way beyond the city walls, of the entire valley.

Continue towards Vigo Cavedine. Located at approximately 603 m asl., Vigo Cavedine is the southernmost district of the Cavedine municipality (and its most populated). The district is divided into a number of villages including "Masi" and "Coste". In addition to traditional crops such as potatoes and vine fields, the area is also rich in apple orchards, strawberry and red currant fields. You'll be able to stop for an enjoyable break at one of the local agritourism or restaurants.

Continue along the Cavedine valley toward Cavedine, past a series of hamlets. The route then leads you out of the valley along a short climb, into the neighbouring valley, with impressive views of Lake Cavedine below.

The Cavedine valley is nestled between the slopes of Mount Bondone and the Basso Sarca Valley. A succession of hills, transformed into fortified hamlets over time, separates it from the valley bottom. The Valley was first inhabited back in the stone age and experienced demographic growth during Roman times, as documented by numerous archaeological findings. An Ancient Roman road once connected Vezzano to Drena, along a few other inhabited locations in Trentino. The valley certainly offers one of Trentino's most attractive landscapes. Rich in naturalistic surprises, it leads from Mediterranean terrain towards a more alpine climate and environment. The historic centre of its villages have maintained typically renaissance architectonic characteristics, with an internal yard enclosed by walls and galleries. The cultural landscape seamlessly blends with the natural landscape, modelled over the centuries by agricultural activities.

After taking in the views in and enjoying a well-earned rest, start heading back towards base. Upon reaching the lake, the route leads onto the Sarca cycle path, towards Arco, right up to Piazza Goethe in Torbole.

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