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The longest cycle path on North Garda Lake.


Torbole Pietramurata

Looking for a route along cycle paths with beautiful views, whatever the season? We propose the cycling and pedestrian path which starts right next to the Lake Garda shoreline and leads you on a journey of discovery of towns, castles, history and nature.

torbole pietramurata

A 45 km long route along a variety of surfaces, with a total elevation difference of 240 m, also suitable for children. Start from Torbole, over the Sarca Bridge, past Riva del Garda, Arco di Trento, right up to Pietramuta, with a series of cultural, food and wine stops.

A route along cycle paths which offers beautiful views, whatever the season. Especially when it's sunny. This cycling and pedestrian path starts right next to the Lake Garda shoreline and leads you on a journey of discovery of towns, castles, history and nature.

A 45 km long route along a variety of surfaces, with a total elevation difference of 240 m, also suitable for children.

Start in Piazza Goethe, Torbole, next to the historic bakery (if you've forgotten your packed lunch, you can still grab a bite to eat before setting out on your cycling adventure). Bear left and then turn right towards Riva del Garda along the lakeside, up to the Sarca Bridge. The Sarca is a river in Trentino and the main tributary of Lake Garda. An impressive 78 kilometres long, it is Trentino's fourth-longest river, second largest in terms of volume.

Go over the river and continue straight on towards the centre of Riva del Garda, along the main road. Bear right and follow the more panoramic pedestrian route (please take care and look out for pedestrians!).

When you reach Riva del Garda you can ride your bike throughout the entire town centre. There are lots of beautiful things to see here. There's the Inviolata Church, a small, semi-circular baroque-style monument dating back to the early 17th century, erected by the noble Madruzzo and Gonzaga families. It is richly decorated with stucco works and oil paintings by famous artists. An absolute must for all art enthusiasts.

Then there's Porta San Michele, originally one of three gateways to the town. The Riva Fortress is another important attraction, rich in episcopal and military history. An ancient castle surrounded by a moat and draw bridge. it was built in 1124, the same year in which Bishop Altemanno granted permission for the construction of a fortress on the lake shore. The fortress was transformed into a residence by Trento's episcopal princes and then into barracks under the Austrian Hungarian Empire. It is now home to the Alto Garda Museum which contains a selection of artefacts from prehistoric times, the Medieval ages right through to the present day (those of you looking for a moment of relaxation will find solace in the garden behind the fortress). Don't miss out on a visit to the Apponale Tower. 34 m high, it stands on the east side of the town hall square, piazza III Novembre. Since the 13th century it has offered a strategic vantage point for guarding the gate and square, the very heart of Riva del Garda, where goods would arrive at the port and be sold. In 1555 it was made even taller, and was covered with a roof which is still present today. It is open to visitors from March until September (not for the faint-hearted: you'll need to conquer 165 steps, perfect for warming your muscles up for the remaining part of your bike tour! You'll be rewarded with a breathtaking view).

Shall we get back to some cycling? OK. Let's continue past Mount Brione to your west and take the cycle path northwards towards Arco, along the Sarca.

Here you can choose whether to go to Arco di Trento or over the new bridge over the Sarca. Either way, you'll reach the cycle paths, northbound towards Dro. A small note. Arco di Trento is home to a beautiful castle which is well worth visiting. There is a short break in the cycle path in Ceniga. Look for Via Dossetto which will lead you onto a street under the state road, straight towards the centre of Dro. Cross the part north of Dro and look for the cycle path (it is poorly signed), leading towards Pietramurata.

Stop for a short break at the BiciGrill Bike&Wine Bar. An excellent location immersed in the valley's greenery, close to the cycle path. Excellent sandwiches, delicious desserts, all characterised by high quality ingredients and products. Drink some apple juice and have a bite to eat before heading towards Pietramurata.

Get back on your bike, continue along a short stretch of cycle path and along via Centrale Volta which leads onto Provincial Road 84. You'll find this stretch somewhat challenging after your break at the BiciGrill because you won't have warmed up properly yet. Here the cycle path is immersed in woodland nature, with pleasant ascents and descents that take you past the hydroelectric plant, where you'll reach the nicely tarmacked cycle path.

The Fies hydroelectric plant is located in the Dro municipality and is a site of industrial archaeological interest which has been given a new lease of life thanks to contemporary art. At the Cavedine Lake junction, head towards Drena castle.

This Medieval Romanesque-style castle is remarkably well conserved. Today it is home to an archaeological museum open to visitors. The tower offers beautiful views and a welcome break after the first uphill stretch. As you continue you'll come to a very short tunnel leading up to the S. Ulderico Pass, it's not too high, just under 600 m asl. You'll descend a few kilometres down along the hill slope towards Cavedine. The route is steep but short, it also separates the town from the lake. There are several alternative routes which lead you more or less up or down stream towards the lake.

Once you reach Pietramurata, bear right towards Cavedine, where you can stop for a short break at the Gino Pedrotti wine and grappa cellar, with over 100 years of history recounted in a selection of delicious bottled products.

Let us now head back towards base and take some time to admire Lake Cavedine. A silent lake with crystal clear and freezing cold waters. Nestled in front of the Casale and Brento mountains, Lake Cavedine is more isolated compared to other tourist attractions in the valley.

This stretch, approximately 3 km in length, takes you along the city road, before leading onto the end of the descent and linking you to the cycle path. At Lake Cavedine you can turn left onto Provincial Road 84, along the Marocche cycle road if you're looking for a shorter route, otherwise proceed in the opposite direction which leads through Dro, through the town's residential area, up to the homes of Ceniga.

Here you'll cross the town and go over the ancient Roman bridge which connects to the western bank of the Sacra, leading towards Arco di Trento. From the bridge right up to Torbole you'll return along the same route, along the lakeside, right up to the place of departure.

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