Become a Velolake Ambassador, our reference partner in your local area!


The bike economy age is here! If sustainable mobility, sport and professionalism are cornerstone values of your business, then this is the model for you!


Becoming a part of a specialised, multi-channel and customer-oriented network provides you with additional work opportunities in your territory. Stringent supplier selection will enable you to provide customers with an added value, plus you will never be alone.


Vertical training programmes for technical skills with top partners, horizontal training to bolster your transversal skills, because simply knowing your business is no longer enough!


Velolake provides managerial support during the development phase of your local business and for start-up ventures in new territories, complete with technological support, analysis, key process design, marketing, as well as the development of sales, communication and events management.

Greater Success

Today the “prosumer” concept has triumphed as a model of success, based on one-to-one relations between parties and guaranteeing higher sales potential.

Become a supplier and seller of unprecedented goods and services.
A winning professional network Our unity is your strength!
What is the best kind of partnership for you?


Opening a hire point with Velolake has never been easier.

Scopri dove e possibile
Identify the area where you wish to build your image
Scegli il modello preferito
Select the most suitable bike type for your territory
felici clienti
Make your customers happy
We’ll take care of the rest get ready for the big event!


Seize the opportunity to expand the portfolio of services in your area with short term hire, to satisfy the tourist requirements of your bike-loving customers. Support your town by spreading slow and sustainable mobility, our two-wheel passion!



When physical activity generates a benefit and when this benefit requires specialised
control and programming.

Medical Science
Personal trainer
Personal trainer

Embrace the Velolake project together with us become part of a specialised network at the service of cyclists!
How to create a network of experts for the exchange of products and services, how to increase your visibility throughout the territory.
Digital marketing and customer relationship services for you!


Do you have a VAT number and a business with a history? Provide your customers with additional opportunities: become a Lease partner, because true value lies beyond sales, it depends on the quality of services you provide for your customers, before and after sales!

Modern consumers and new generations are no longer interested in long-term ownership and the associated economic burden which limits their access to a selection of products and services available on the market. The Cycle Lease concept enables consumers to benefit from enhanced bike management flexibility: they can choose how, when and where to use it.

Greater flexibility also means greater spending power.
Why use your money to purchase a bike with a short life and whose value decreases with the passing of each day, when you can benefit from so much more in monthly installments?

lease agent

Monthly installments
Deductible for tax purposes
Replacement or purchase
No limits assistance


Accident and civil liability insurance


guided tour coach


Passionate about outdoor activities? Excellent knowledge of the local area?
Already a certified MTB guide? Enjoy taking care of your customers and care-free bike riding. We’ll take care of the rest!

A knowledge of your own territory, in terms of geography, culture, food
and wine is the value we aim to express, thanks to your contribution. Take part in the Velolake project and enjoy all the opportunities our network offers you.
The Bike Economy enables the discovery of sites and territories with sustainable mobility, along with cultures, languages, local customs and traditions of your territory.

a. Definition of routes

b. Tour programming

c. Definition of points of interest

d. Information and raising awareness

e. Technical assistance

f. Velolake Ambassador


Authorised Velolake repair garage
Being a mechanic is more than just filling a vacancy, it’s a veritable profession of passion! If you’re looking to excel in the technical part of your job and are committed to being number one, then you’re the local partner we’re looking for!
Boost opportunities available to your company by joining a network of professionals. With the rise of sustainable mobility and pedal assisted bikes, we are witnessing a significant transition in the concept of mechanics, grounded in mechatronics, where technology supports mechanics and is involved in maintenance as well as diagnostic processes for bikes.
Conserving your specialist and technical skills by embracing new opportunities, aligned with a continuously developing market, to benefit your company in the future…

With the Cycle Care programme you can become an instructor of your profession… and use your skills to earn money!
Become a certified instructor to leverage and benefit even further from your knowledge. Take the test!!
Professionalism at the service of customers!

bike care join us

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