The best view is visible on the highest mountain in this region, called Altissimo, which is reaching 2059 m a.s.l.

To see the horizon from M.Altissimo is needed to continue the trail from the Rif.Graziani to Rif. Damiano Chiesa,   rideable or walkable in one hour. Once reached the top there are two main trails option, one knew as trail 601, one of the most famous downhill surface in Europe, wild and steep.  A second option called trail 650 is connecting you with trail 622, which is the suggestion to all cross-country and all-mountains riders.

One more option is the Coast to Coast trail, starting from Rig.Graziani, taking the trail 622 from the origin and crossing Malga Campo and than Malga Campei. At this specific point you can opt to cycle back through Festa, Brentonico, easier with solid terrain or to continue to ride to meet Prati di Nago, just before  Torbole.


Connections to other destiantions:

  • Bocca di Navene:
  • Red Tour;
  • Altopiano di Brentonico;
  • Coast to Coast;
  • Monte Baldo
  • Malga Campei

Secondary stops:

  • Mor:i (supermarket Eurospin)
  • Brentonico: (APT Villagarina e Rovereto)

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