Naranch Trail, is  the main attraction from this destination.

A pure enduro experience which is taking the name from its Maso located in the middle of the trail, into a superb green field where you can admire Garda Lake, testing good local foods and wines. This trail once again require a very good mtb technique to ride in safe condition, facing  up to with the first section situated 700 m from the drop off point. The end part starts from the green field, following south direction and finish as soon as you meet the road driving you to Nago first and than in Torbole through via Europa. There are some secret detour to reach Torbole straight down hill.

Connection to other destinations: 

  • Narach;
  • Martini;
  • Anaconda;
  • The Hummer;
  • Monte Stivo upper and middle part rif.Marchetti;
  • Monte Velo Passo 2 sassi;
  • Il corno;
  • Val di Gresta

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