Paganella Bike park is the perfect location to enjoy your ride experience, with friends and also family partners.

Localized throught specific skill areas, Paganella bike park allow you to teste many trails, artificial and traditional also, in order to get you the chance to perform your riding knoledge and abilities.

Molveno is the place to start where all riders takes the warmup.

Andalo, placed in the middle of the park let you reach over 2000 asl, and gaining much adrenaline and fun,

Fai, the specific DH trails bring you to the top of skills level required, not for all!

All immerce into a nice scenario watching the Molveno Lake but also Dolomiti Brenta mountain chain.

What else? This plateau is well syncronize with cable cars, trail connections and services.

Do you need to rent a bike and kit pads protections? We provide you all with 20% off.

Connection to other destinations:

  • Andalo;
  • Fai della Paganella;
  • Lake to Lake;
  • Valle dei Laghi

Secondary stops:

  • Sarche: Lunelli supermarket

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