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Torbole Bike Shuttle Station

Torbole Lake Garda bike shuttle station promotes sustainable and efficient mobility solutions for bikes, offering multiple scenarios for fulfilling customers’ goals in terms of budget, estimated time to destination, and capacity optimization.

Up Lift Service Destinations

Downhill bike riding is a major attraction in the Lake Garda area. From West to East, to North and South, we are here to help you make the most of your passion.

Bike single lift departures from Torbole, Riva Del Garda, and Arco to all major mountain peaks. join our uplift service, taking you and your bike up to 2000m.

Price from

€15 / Seat

Bike Transfer and Transport

Your reference transport service provider in the Lake Garda area is dedicated to bike enthusiasts, from arrival to departure, connecting cycle lovers to bike destinations on Lake Garda and in the Dolomites.

A passenger agency that helps you to discover alternative transport systems, including railway, airport, and third-party services.
Intelligent transport optimization, promoting intermodality and the bike economy.

Alps Transfer Service

Make the most of your stay in the Alps and Dolomites before reaching Lake Garda; choose when and how you would like to go back to your starting point or discover a different location.

One of the biggest and most important events on the mtb scene departs each year from Nauder, all the way to Garda Lake.

This event can be your competition, your holiday, or just an experience with close friends and family.

Plan your route, choose your bike, and entrust an expert with your personal logistics requirements.
Scheduled departures every day from Torbole to Munich, Donauworth, Augsburg, and Nauders, with multiple stops each way.

Some reasons to bike shuttle?

Using a shuttle service which supports your logistics and transportation needs, allows you to be focused on your biking adventure.

A shuttle service can save time by avoiding traffic and parking issues, giving you more time to explore the lake and its surroundings.

Booking a shuttle service, you can relax and enjoy your trip without the added stress of transportation and logistics. Trust us to take care of it all and make your Lake Garda biking experience as enjoyable as possible.

Trusting a reliable shuttle service allows you to travel by bike, reach your preferred destination and connect yourself back home or to another bike destination.
Bike Shuttle service could be shared or dedicated to your requirement, standardized, or customized per each individual scope.


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