Bike Shuttle at Lake Garda

Book your bike shuttle at Lake Garda with us, and make your biking experience hassle-free.

We will take care of your transportation needs while you can relax and enjoy the fantastic views.

Don’t wait any longer, and reserve your bike shuttle now.

Torbole Bike Shuttle Station

Torbole bike shuttle station promotes sustainable and efficient mobility solutions for every type of biker. Our logistically convenient location allows us to easily transport you to your destination.

The three main services are:

Some reasons to bike shuttle?

Using a shuttle service, which supports your logistics and transportation needs, allows you to be focused on your biking adventure.

A shuttle service can save time by avoiding traffic and parking issues, giving you more time to explore the lake and its surroundings.

Booking a shuttle service, you can relax and enjoy your trip without the added stress of transportation and logistics. Trust us to take care of it all and make your Lake Garda biking experience as enjoyable as possible.

Bike Shuttle service could be shared or dedicated to your requirement, standardized, or customized per each individual scope.


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Rent your Bike

  • pick up starts as default at 9:00 (if you need to collect the bike earlier, add your notes on the booking, or call us)
  • delivery service starts at 8:00 am and collects from 6:00 pm
  • if you need more bikes or a different segment from your location please email us.