Tremalzo Mountain Bike Trail

The Tremalzo Classic from Rif. Garda

Starting at Rifugio Garda, 1650 m of altitude, an easy uphill road takes you to the tunnel crossing the Tremalzo peak. From this point, it begins the famous military road built during the First World War on the side of the mountain that takes you to Passo Nota at 1200 m altitude.

Going down hills you can explore some of the most spectacular views of Alto Garda. Once arrived at Passo Nota, the road continues up and down, until Passo Guil (1200 m altitude), the intermediate point to reach Punta Larici, this section is composed of a single trail that is the hardest, mixed by rocks and roots.

Punta Larici is the most landscapes point, where you may easily see the length of this Lake, this is definitely the place to take your pic of the day! Continuing downhill you will reach Pregasina, a small town standing 500 m above the Lake, connecting you to Riva del Garda through Ponale road.

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