Single Uplift

Uplift services to famous trails at Lake Garda are provided upon booking, always available!

The departure and pick-up points are strategically located in Torbole and Riva del Garda.

Single Lifts: Expert Advice and Support

Velolake offers single lifts that cater to both seasoned cyclists and those new to the trails. You will not only get to the trailhead but also receive valuable advice and guidance.

To ensure accessibility and convenience for all riders, we offer a large fleet of vehicles, from those with 8 seats to larger options with up to 20 passengers, thoughtfully equipped with bike carts.

Book your UpLift

IMPORTANT: From 2nd to 23rd April Tremalzo event, due to traffic conditions, will be operative as follows:

Week days: departures 10:45 am | Weekends: departures 9:30 am

Your favourite destination is at your fingertips with easy booking. Ready for a lift?

Customized pick-up is also available on request: contact us.

Uplift + Bike Rental

Book a shuttle and rent your bike with Velolake to get a special deal of 20% discount.
Get a top-level mountain bike or enduro bike at a special rate, making your biking adventure even more exciting.

Start your BOOKING and enjoy your special deal price today!

FAQs about Bike Single Uplift

One of the prime advantages of the service is the convenience it offers. Imagine skipping the strenuous uphill climb and getting straight to the exciting part – the downhill ride! This convenience factor allows you to cover more trails in less time, maximizing your overall biking experience.

These services involve transporting bikers and their bikes to the top of a trail, eliminating the need for uphill pedalling. Once at the summit, bikers can enjoy the downhill ride.

Yes, single lift services cater to all skill levels. Beginners can choose trails that match their proficiency and gradually progress to more challenging routes.

Uplift services are typically available during the biking season, which coincides with favourable weather conditions. It’s best to check the availability on this page.

Rent your Bike

  • pick up starts as default at 9:00 (if you need to collect the bike earlier, add your notes on the booking, or call us)
  • delivery service starts at 8:00 am and collects from 6:00 pm
  • if you need more bikes or a different segment from your location please email us.