Val del Diaol Trail

MTB tour for experts. Suitable for all levels of fitness. Advanced riding skills are required. In some sections of the route, you may have to push the bike.

Nestled in the hills overlooking the crystal-clear waters of Lake Garda is a downhill track that challenges even the most experienced bikers. With a length of 4.3 km, the descent starts with a steep rock that leads to a dirt trail filled with ramps.

The track

After 200 meters of ups and downs, the trail leads to one of the most exciting sections, a series of three easy jumps that lead to a fast right-left series of curves. The descent continues with a 17-meter walkway with a final drop of 1.5 meters, where more experienced bikers can take on the descent, while less experienced ones can copy the descent on the walkway.

After 500 meters, bikers face the jump zone. Two medium-sized jumps lead to the paired jump area, where there is an easy step-up on the left and a challenging jump on the right. The descent continues with three rock gardens broken up by easier parts for at least 1.5 km, before reaching the final 800-meter fast stretch, with at least three jumps 4 meters long and four 3-meter easy jumps.

At the end

The descent ends in the industrial area of Nago and by crossing the countryside, bikers can reach the center of the town and descend towards Torbole. 

This trail is an exciting journey that tests the skills and determination of bikers as they enjoy the scenic beauty of Lake Garda.

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